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Augustinian, Averroist, Berkeleian, Cartesian, Hegelian, Heideggerian, Heraclitean, Humean, Husserlian, Kantian, Leibnizian, Neo-Hegelian, Neo-Pythagorean, Neoplatonic, Parmenidean, Peripatetic, Platonic, Pyrrhonic, Pythagorean, Sartrian, Schellingian, Schopenhauerian, Scotist, Spencerian, Thomist, Thomistic, Viconian, Wittgensteinian, pre-Socratic

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.

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  • socratic — SOCRÁTIC, Ă, socratici, ce, adj. Care ţine de Socrate, care aparţine doctrinei lui Socrate. – Din fr. socratique. Trimis de IoanSoleriu, 13.09.2007. Sursa: DEX 98  socrátic adj. m. (sil. cra ), pl. socrátici; f. sg. socrátică …   Dicționar Român

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